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Peggy Rauch in Real Estate Executive magazine

 Peggy Rauch loves working with people. It's obvious from the way she speaks to her clients and how she approaches her associates and her partner, Michael Meinerz. 

A typical day starts with 15 minutes of meditation time, then off to the gym around 6:30, then onto a green tea and the paper before plunging into the business day. Other than listing or selling properties, positive anticipation is a constant for her - wondering who she's going to meet, what new friend will be made that day - this keeps everything fresh and interesting.  

Peggy still enjoys matching people with properties and making real estate dreams come true. Any day when she finds that she's helped someone be really happy with a transaction, is a great day and part of the thrill of it all. 

Twenty years in real estate have led to a marketing strategy that has opened the types of real estate business that the Peggy Rauch Group does every day.

Most real estate companies specialize in a specific market. Niche marketing is a natural choice for real estate professionals; it's one way to build a business. 

The Peggy Rauch Group builds their business in a very different way. Some could say that the company specializes in golf and waterfront properties, a market they certainly know well, but their real specialty is satisfying their clients. No matter what type of real estate transaction they are in the midst of, a satisfied client is the common denominator at the Peggy Rauch Group. They handle all types of transactions, from homes and condos to commercial properties and real estate investments.  Price range is never a determining factor for Peggy. Everyone's real estate needs are important. 

Handling all types of real estate transactions could be difficult for some companies, but this has led to great success for the Peggy Rauch Group.  Focusing on clients instead of one type of transaction has become the cornerstone of repeat business and referrals.

One of the most outstanding aspects of Peggy's business is that she keeps her clients throughout the years. The Peggy Rauch Group has an extraordinary amount of repeat business. From parents to children to grandparents, some of Peggy Rauch Group's clients span several generations of family. 

The business provides true one-stop shopping and top-notch customer service. It's not just the immediate office team that helps build referrals, it's also the Peggy Rauch Group's associates

in finance, inspection, escrow and other real estate services with  whom they've developed strong relationships over the years. Each one is ready and willing to help meet clients' goals. 

Because of their superb client focus, "We retain our clientele and then we get their parents, siblings, children and friends coming to us for their real estate needs." 

While at lunch during Peggy's very first week in this business, she overheard a couple at the next table talking about possibly needing to buy a condo. She didn't let the opportunity go by; she introduced

herself and gave them a business card. That conversation led to a sale.

They became long-term clients and friends, working with Peggy on many types of transactions from that first $97,000 condo purchase to over 30 other properties. The Peggy Rauch Group handles every type of real estate transaction for their clients from the purchase of a single home to multiple 1031 property exchanges. 

Peggy attributes repeat business and her success to relationships built on trust and respect. That's why clients stay with the Peggy Rauch Group when their real estate needs change.

This company truly goes the extra mile for their clients. 

Most real estate professionals say they give full service, but Peggy and her partner Michael really mean it. They don't disappear after a transaction. They treat each client as a genuine friend. 

Also husband and wife, Peggy and Michael, have been working together for five years. Their skill sets and strengths complement each other perfectly. Michael has more than 30 years experience in business, land, residential and commercial real estate and strategic marketing. Together, Michael and Peggy make certain that their clients have the very best representation.

Personal focus on clients is backed up with solid business practices - systems and processes are in place that allow them to spend precious time with clients to meet their every need. 

They also have an in depth knowledge of what's going on in Arizona real estate. Last year, Michael was invited to participate in the prestigious Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors Leadership Program, this year Peggy was invited to participate.

From Rookie of the Year in 1987, to awards and professional recognitions too numerous to list, Peggy's real reward is working with clients. She has a knack for listening carefully to customers and understanding what they need. That's how every successful business relationship starts. 

The next step in the relationship is absolute honesty and a higher level of client education to make sure their expectations are realistic. Peggy is always forthright with her clients.

"My customers appreciate my expertise, my focus on their needs and my frank assessment of their situation. They know that I'm giving them the straight facts and that it's backed by extensive market knowledge.

Excellent follow-through to the close of a transaction is how the Peggy Rauch Group maintains great relationships. Every successful transaction adds to what Peggy personally loves about her business.

What makes up a perfect day for Peggy?

After a busy day listing and selling, a perfect day inevitably ends at her house. She has an infectious

smile that lights up the room when she describes her home life, her love of cooking and the beautiful waterfront house she and her husband Michael call home. She describes with great joy, cooking and eating dinner together - sometimes with friends or clients, then going for a boat ride through the five miles of lakefront right outside their back door.

The couple extends their hospitality often, opening the house to their family of clients. They've always loved the waterfront and now they live in a beautiful community, Scottsdale Ranch, which makes it a pleasure to entertain at home.

Their largest annual gathering has become legendary with clients and friends, a Cinco de Mayo celebration where Michael and Peggy both cook specialty items several days ahead in preparation for this event. With great attention to detail, they love putting personal touches into their entertaining

and their business.