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The Salt River Valley has more than 250 miles of irrigation canals, many atop ancient Hohokam agricultural ditches from two millennia ago. And while flowing water has been a classic and long-used ambiance feature, most of the Phoenix canals are unused save for joggers and dog-walkers.

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Scottsdale is different.  Like the canal-centered cities such as Venice and San Antonio, Scottsdale has taken utility and turned it into the charming focal point where strolling, outdoor dining, commerce, offices, and artsy and fun events intersect.

The meandering paths take you past finely landscaped flowers and trees, and it’s all within casual walking distance of fine retailers and restaurants, with comfortable and soothing canal-side cafes and shops. It brings together the luxury retailers of Scottsdale Fashion Square and surrounds and the funkier and more classic downtown with art galleries, Western stores, and visitor attractions. 

The Waterfront District also is home to social community events like the Fine Art & Wine Festival, Scottsdale Public Art Canal Convergence, Thunderbird Artists, and the Original Taste.

Many luxurious downtown condo and townhouse complexes are within walking distance of the Scottsdale Waterfront, and plenty of neighborhoods of classic Scottsdale homes are within striking distance. No matter where you live in or near Scottsdale, the Waterfront is an endearing and charming place to spend an afternoon.