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Paradise Valley is what it sounds like. In the middle of the Valley, tucked between Scottsdale, east Phoenix, Camelback, and Mummy mountains sits the luxury town aptly named Paradise Valley.

Explore Paradise Valley Real Estate

All the homes here sit on a minimum acre lot, many with much more. It’s deserty, spacious, and nearly all custom homes with a panoply of architectural styles from rounded Territorial to hard-angle modern to everything in-between – except high-rise apartments.  If you can find a house under a million here, grab it (good luck).

Paradise Valley is the wealthiest area of Arizona, certainly it’s the best-off municipality. Many enjoy the luxury golf courses and resorts/spas. There is little commerce outside of that, although it’s fairly close to all the amenities that Scottsdale has to offer, and an easy drive into Phoenix and the Biltmore area.

If you like low-key living in a spacious, more natural environment with fabulous neighborhoods, some grand vistas, and interesting housing – and you can afford it – Paradise Valley just might be your perfect address.