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Once you own a home with a pool in Scottsdale, you likely will never want to live without one again. There is something so comfortable and refreshing about slipping into your own pool that makes installing one irresistible to many homeowners. The convenience of being able to walk right out to your own watery oasis can be a good investment, especially since potential buyers in Scottsdale are often looking for pools. But consider these important elements before you cannonball into this decision:


The average cost for an in-ground pool (and who really gets anything else in Scottsdale?) ranges from $25,000 to $100,000, depending on material and features. A reputable builder will evaluate your back yard and give you an estimate based on factors including space, design features, and size. Getting multiple estimates and comparing those to comparable projects done for friends or family can help you to gauge what is reasonable. Keep in mind that variations may cause estimates to differ, like running into subterranean rock.


Building a pool is not instant, and with new builds on the rise, scheduling a project may take months. With this in mind, you may consider planning your pool install with a time buffer so you can use it as soon as the project is complete. Talking with your builder and getting an accurate estimate is important. Reading reviews by former clients help if you are wondering how long it will really take. 


Many Scottsdale homeowners want a luxurious custom pool as the focal point of a well-appreciated back yard living space. Others prefer a small pool just big enough for dipping or for kids to splash around in. Some want a large lap pool to swim and play volleyball in. As far as materials, the most common types are fiberglass, shotcrete/gunite, or vinyl. Shapes can range from rectangular, kidney, circular, oval, and plenty of other choices. 

Return on Investment

The average ROI for pools in the Phoenix area is 50%. Although this figure isn't perfect, having a pool will most likely make your home more desirable to more buyers. Most of the time, home owners don't build pools just for the value it adds to the home, but it is worth keeping in mind before you invest. 

Pool Builders

The Scottsdale area is full of experienced and capable pool builders, and such a big investment really does require a dependable, honest builder. This is not a time to cut corners. One of the best ways to find an amazing builder is to talk with friends and neighbors or read current reviews. Make sure you get everything in writing in the contract and know your rights. Follow your instincts if a builder doesn't seem like a good fit -- even if recommended by a friend.


Sometimes what a back yard needs is an entire overhaul to become that luxury oasis. Adding landscape elements like pergolas, outdoor kitchens, paver paths, or fencing will not only cost more but will affect the features of the pool. Some builders work with landscape designers to do an all-in-one deal. Be sure to make it clear during initial talks if this is something that you are looking for. 

Water Features

Your dream pool may have a waterfall, infinity edge, and fire pits to create the ultimate entertaining space. Or, it may be a simple, minimal aesthetic that follows the rest of your home elements. There are several pool decks and patio options, as well as features like waterfalls, swim-up tables, fire bowls and pits, slides, and specialty shelves and edges that will need to be determined before building a pool. 


A sparkling, refreshing pool is what many homeowners dream about when they buy a home in Scottsdale, particularly in the hot summer. Having a pool in your own backyard is luxurious and can be a great place to spend quality time with friends and family. Before starting the process, be sure to consider the important questions to ask and items to consider. Researching and reaching out to previous clients can help make the pool building process a smooth and enjoyable event to look forward to.

Happy – and cool – lounging.

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